Black Tar Roses are a Dark Folk/ Americana band from Plymouth, UK, playing authentic, original music with a rootsy feel and a gritty edge.


Consisting primarily of husband and wife Darren and Sally Long the band have an open door policy and enjoy to play with other quality musicians. At home in Plymouth they are usually seen with John Maddock, a local luthier and mandolin and banjo player. Josiah J, the producer of their debut studio album also adds much to their sound there with his exceptional skills as a pianist, drummer and guitar player. In Los Angeles where they spend time each year they enjoy collaborating with fellow musical partners Steve McCormick & Heather Donavon. Also featured on their album is the world class composer and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Bentley-Klein, playing violin.



Darren is the primary songwriter of the band, his style is gritty, historical and storytelling in nature, covering topics of outlaws and those down on their luck. His colourful past living and surviving in the lower ends of society give him much material and inspiration. As do his later years working at sea on a traditional gaff ketch which bring some nautical/sea shanty-esque themes into play. These come to life through a contrast of his gritty and Sally's sweet vocals and harmonies. As a guitar player Darren is a 6 string picker whose rhythm hand is rooted strongly in the brush picking style. He also carries strong gypsy jazz and finger style blues influences.



After singing together for a few years, they found their sound organically found it's groove particularly with the writing of Might Have Been Some Angel and Idle Hands. After being well received Stateside in 2018 Darren and Sally brought the work home and developed further, recording their first studio album and playing live in many of the historic pubs and folk sessions around Devon and Cornwall.



Black Tar Roses recorded their debut studio album, Rebels, Rogues & Outlaws between Momentum Studios in Plymouth and Studebaker Studio in LA. It was produced by the ever genius Josiah J at Momentum with a release date of July 27th, 2019. They are halfway through writing their second album which will be recorded in 2020.

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